Sissy Humiliation Phone Therapy

Sissy humiliation phone therapy with femdom Goddess EveI often get emails from sissy humiliation addicts saying that they want to stop indulging their sissy slut fantasies and give up sissy phone sex calls. Sometimes they even ask for my help in curing their addiction.

I always laugh when I get an email like that. Because you can’t just “quit”. That’s like saying you’re going to quit breathing. Your craving … no, your NEED …. for feminization and humiliation is hardwired into you. It won’t go away and it can’t be denied. You were born with the essential need for it. Some of my humiliation phone sex callers manage to repress their fantasies for a few weeks or even a few months, but their desires always come back. Usually stronger than ever.

They think that if they give up watching their humiliation videos and sissy porn that they’ll be able to forget about it. Really? Do you think just any man would look at sissy humiliation porn and be as compelled by it as you are? A real man, a truly masculine man, wouldn’t be affected by it at all. It probably wouldn’t even keep his attention long enough for him to watch a video all the way through. But you watch. And watch. And the more you watch, the more you want to watch. That’s the difference between a born sissy slut and a real man.

My advice? Accept that you’re a sissy. Given in to your humiliation fantasies. Consider yourself lucky to have a femdom Mistress like me to guide and push and control you. Besides, if you really do want to conquer it, your only hope might be to saturate yourself in so much intense sissy humiliation that you eventually become desensitized to it. That might cure you of it. Maybe. Let’s give it a try. Call me on Niteflirt. I don’t promise a cure but I do promise you an intense, emasculating femdom phone humiliation experience.

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