Sissy Humiliation Phone Therapy

Sissy humiliation phone therapy with femdom Goddess EveI often get emails from sissy humiliation addicts saying that they want to stop indulging their sissy slut fantasies and give up sissy phone sex calls. Sometimes they even ask for my help in curing their addiction.

I always laugh when I get an email like that. Because you can’t just “quit”. That’s like saying you’re going to quit breathing. Your craving … no, your NEED …. for feminization and humiliation is hardwired into you. It won’t go away and it can’t be denied. You were born with the essential need for it. Some of my humiliation phone sex callers manage to repress their fantasies for a few weeks or even a few months, but their desires always come back. Usually stronger than ever.

They think that if they give up watching their humiliation videos and sissy porn that they’ll be able to forget about it. Really? Do you think just any man would look at sissy humiliation porn and be as compelled by it as you are? A real man, a truly masculine man, wouldn’t be affected by it at all. It probably wouldn’t even keep his attention long enough for him to watch a video all the way through. But you watch. And watch. And the more you watch, the more you want to watch. That’s the difference between a born sissy slut and a real man.

My advice? Accept that you’re a sissy. Given in to your humiliation fantasies. Consider yourself lucky to have a femdom Mistress like me to guide and push and control you. Besides, if you really do want to conquer it, your only hope might be to saturate yourself in so much intense sissy humiliation that you eventually become desensitized to it. That might cure you of it. Maybe. Let’s give it a try. Call me on Niteflirt. I don’t promise a cure but I do promise you an intense, emasculating femdom phone humiliation experience.

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Forced Bi Humiliation Phone Sex

Forced bi humiliation phone sex Forced bi cocksucking  — probably the ultimate femdom humiliation.  Imagine yourself kneeling on the floor, naked. My hand is running through your hair, occasionally reaching down to caress the back of your neck. My other hand rubbing a huge, hard cock against your face and sliding the head of it over your lips. And I have that wicked smile on my face that shows you just how much I’m enjoying your humiliation.

You want it in your mouth, don’t you? Admit it. I’ve teased and manipulated you to the point that your mouth is actually watering, your lips parted, in anticipation of fulfilling your forced bi humiliation fantasies. You’ve told me so many times how much you both dread and secretly desire the extreme humiliation of a night of forced cocksucking,  sucking one cock after another, especially if I made you do it in front of me and my girlfriends.

Now imagine I tell you that tonight is your cocksucking debut. I have it all arranged. I know you were planning to go to the sports bar with your friends, but you’ll still get to have a night with the guys  —- just not quite the kind of night you expected.  🙂

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Cuckold Humiliation Prenuptial Agreement

Cuckold humiliationHave any of you potential cuckold husbands fantasized about signing a cuckold prenuptial agreement?  Cuckold humiliation is especially potent when it’s committed to writing and has your signature agreeing to it, isn’t it? Especially if it’s an actual legal document that spells out the specifics of your cuckold humiliation, with the threat of it being made embarrassingly public in court if your hot wife decides to divorce you.

Well, cucky boy, my cuckold prenuptial contract is your fantasy come true. It was written for me by a cuckolded lawyer and has all a cuckold’s duties and responsibilities explicitly detailed in 3 pages of legalese.  Your face will turn redder and your cock will get stiffer with every humiliating paragraph you read.

So read it and then let’s conjure up a hot humiliation phone sex role-play. Like a meeting with your future wife’s sexy female lawyer for her to review that contract with you before you sign it. Or a smirking female judge questioning you about it in divorce court. Or maybe you have an even more embarrassing cuckold humiliation fantasy?

Cuckold Prenup

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Feminization Humiliation Phone Sex

Feminization humiliation phone sex with Goddess EveFor some of you sissy boys, the desire to be feminized isn’t about wanting to be female. It’s a craving for the humiliation of forced feminizaion and sissification.

I love dressing up sissy boys and making you into a humiliating parody of a woman. It’s hot to watch you blush with embarrassment when I put you in a frilly sissy maid dress with stockings, petticoat and ruffled sissy panties. And see you flush with shame even more when I transform you into a feminized sissy slut, with 5 inch “fuck me” heels, fishnet stocking and a tiny, tight latex mini skirt so short it shows off your thong decorated ass cheeks.

But the humiliation won’t end there.  Just think how your little clittie is going to throb when I introduce you to the ultimate feminization humiliation and make you open your whorishly painted red lips to suck my boyfriend’s big cock.

Sexy, playfully sadistic femdom humiliation phone sex.
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Femdom Ass Worship Phone Sex

femdom ass worship

Did you know that it’s Hot Ass August on Niteflirt?  A whole month dedicated to ass worship phone sex. So if you’re one of my ass worship addicts, this is the perfect time to call and tell me how much you wish you could feel my perfect little ass wiggling against your face.

Femdom ass worship is so hot!  So many ways to humiliate you.  Sitting on your face while I talk on the phone to one of my girlfriends.  Or putting you on your knees, hiking up my skirt and making you bury your nose between my cheeks while you jerk off.   Or …. wait.  Are you jerking off reading this? 

Hands off your cock and call me if you want to hear about how humiliating femdom ass worship can be.

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New Femdom Humiliation Blog

Femdom HumiliationWelcome, humiliation sluts!  You found me.  🙂

I was bored with my old blog and wanted a change, so I decided to go with a new domain and and entirely new look.   It’s still brand spanking new and I’m not finished tweaking everything yet but I’ll be adding more so check back soon.

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